Polkarama Season Six


Staring three-time Grammy winner Walter Ostanek and The Western Senators. DVDs of the show are available by mail order though this site and by calling 306-545-1865.


Polkarama Season Six Episodes 1-4


PolkaRama DVD 1

Show 1
Chicagoland Twirl, Laendler #7, Hi-Li Hi-Lo Polka, Perme's Polka, Odds and Ends, Wabash Cannonball, Barking Dog Polka, Safeway Waltza


Show 2
Euclid Vets Polka, Mary Joe Waltz, Let's Have a Party, Oom Pa Pa Polka, Deep Water, Tall Tall Trees, In the Navy Polka, Crooked Stovepipe, Over Three Hills.


Show 3
Clarinet Polka, Emily's Waltz,Rendezvous Polka, Over Three Hills Waltz, Whiskey River, Joys of Quebec,Cleveland Polka, Orphan Waltz.Buy Now


Show 4
Schultz's Polka, Twilite Waltz, Dance Dance Dance, La Golondrina, I'll Go Down Swinging, Guitar Boogie, Question and Answer P, No Beer Today.





Polkarama Season Six Episodes 5-8


PolkaRama DVD 1Show 5

Buddy Lou's Polka, Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White, Just Because, Waltz for Joannie K, Wabash Cannonball, Blue Mountain Waltz, Step Aside, Cleveland the Polka Town, Comnick Polka.


Show 6

Joe's Polka, Old Oklahoma Waltz, My Maria Polka, Cherry Polka, Helvak's Waltz, Ever Need a Lady, Red Wing, Beer Barrel, Golden Pheasant Polka.


Show 7

Buy NowPolka Poppers Polka, Danceland Schottische, Clarinet Polka, In Heaven No Beer, My Darling Ann, Forbidden Lovers, You Belong to Me, Champ's Polka, Gornick's Polka.


Show 8

Hambone Habat, Graden's Waltz, Three Yanks Polka, Marichka Moya, Blue Skirt Waltz, Step Aside, Lake Erie Polka, I Get So Lonely Polka.



Polkarama Season Six Episodes 9-12


PolkaRama DVD 1Show 9

Scott Joplin Polka, Three Yanks Polka, Bye Bye My Baby, Kiss me Tonight Waltz, Release Me, Mockingbird Hill, Oom Pa Pa Polka, Rolling Rock Polka.


Show 10

Mozart's Polka, Meisner Magic Polka, 7-Step, I Love To Polka, Aloha Waltz , You Are My Sunshine, Four Walls, Four Fellas Polka, Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain. 


Show 11

My Maria Polka, Pretty Girl Polka, Chicagoland Twirl, I Wanna Call You Sweetheart,Buy Now Red Lips Red Wine, Make the World Go Away, Baby Doll Polka, Whoop Polka.



Show 12

Ponytail Polka, A Cleveland Polka, Scott Joplin Polka, Tic Toc Polka, She Told Me She Loved Me, Don't Squeeze My Charmin, Forbidden Lovers, Perme's Polka.


Complete Season 6PolkaRama DVD 1


3 DVD's in one deluxe package, featuring all 12 shows in Season 6.


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